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Aerial personnel visibility, security & compliance

By knowing an employee's exact location, companies can deliver relevant information to each employee at a precise moment and context. However, geolocation user targeting goes far beyond simple proximity zonal tracking. It can also automatically alert security of unauthorized entry of guest or badge holders into restricted ‘geo-fenced’ zones.
Users can centrally locate and control personnel access within and across sites, while speeding entry and protecting designated areas.

Personnel Safety

The most advanced automatic hands-free evacuation monitoring and personnel accountability system, with real-time personnel demographics visibility during mustering events, also certified for hazardous environments.
RFID and Drone technology offers a compelling alternative that can be adapted to almost any industrial process, improving operations, safety, and accountability management, or any combination thereof the individual. The information collected can then be analyzed for a truly personalized, relevant and engaging action.

The most advanced automatic Drone evacuation monitoring & personnel accountability system

Features and Benefits

Long-range location & perimeter security in a single Drone enterprise-wide system
Centrally locate & track personnel throughout your site(s) & during emergency evacuations, including workers left to run critical operations using Drones with a specific mission for monitoring fences.
The most adaptable Drone yard management solution, for inventory and equipment tracking, designed explicitly for harsh environments & the ideal balance of location accuracy & cost

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